Stop tormenting teachers, enough of this slavery – Teacher Kwadwo to GES

What the Ghanaian teacher is going through is not only depressing but demoralizing. From teaching not meant to make teachers millionaires comment to a 4 percent increase in base pay for the year, teaching at the JHS without the requisite training, and teaching for over two years without textbooks. The worse teachers deserve is a sincere acknowledgment of their dexterity and a conscious effort to improve their working conditions.
The latest educationist to join the call for the government to place premium value on teachers is TeacherKwadwo, the sensational teacher andvlogger.
According to him, the biggest maltreatment the Ghana Education Service (GES) is mating out to teachers in its failure to make Text Books available yet force teachers to teach andperformmagic.
He added that teachers are not motivated but rather fearis putin them. According to him this treatment amount to slavery whichmust beshelved by the education service.
Another educator, Hon JerryAkporhorhas thispatheticassessment of the Ghanaian teacher to share. He has called on the government and the leadership of the Ministry of Education and the Ghana Education Service to #FIXGES.
“A trained teacher from the College of Education works for four years, took Study Leave to study for another four years, he spends not less than 20,000gh to acquire the new certificate and skills, comes back and he’s upgraded to the next rank and only 200ghcis added to his salary. Calculate how many years he will work to recoup his investment?”
All is not well with the Ghanaian teacher.The promotion ofthose who sat for the March promotion examination is still hanging with many yet to come to terms with theresultsof the examination whiles other teachers are waiting for their defusing legacy arrears.
In the wake of the new curriculum, teachers started innovating, leading to scripted notes that brought some level of uniformity in content and made the burden of the teacher less difficult. Yet calls from some quarters required that teachers must still write or lesson notes.

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Stop tormenting teachers, enough of this slavery – Teacher Kwadwo writes

“I have put the SALARY aside oo.
If I mention salary most of you in other professions will also start complaining.
I am talking about the POOR CONDITIONS that Teachers are facing at the Villages and the kinda MALTREATMENT and DISRESPECT Ghana Education Service takes Teachers through.
The BIGGEST MALTREATMENT is not Given a Teacher Text Books for over2yrsand then forcing him/her to teach. is the Teacher a Magician?
Another 1 is forcing him/her to prepare lesson notes whilst u haven’t even provided the necessary materials to make teaching effective.
What are we preparing the lesson notes for?

You take Teachers through all these hardships and instead of u to MOTIVATE them u-turn around to Torment them with FEAR.

Enough of this Slavery Rule!!!!
We ain’t bowing down to u anymore!!!!
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  1. I feel sad when i see myself as a teacher…Teaching for one year in a village without salary hmmmm 2015-2016.. when are you paying our arrears mother Ghana

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